Titty Surprise!

I simply cannot think of a better way to celebrate Hump Day than boobies.

A little bit of undertitty.

Just a little bit more titty….

Shazaam! Titties.

And yes… my right is bigger than my left. Variety is the spice of life!



50 Self-Indulgent Posts!

In celebration of having published 50 blog posts featuring various parts of my body and some saucy words to go along with them, here are some more titty pics. I hope they please you as much as they please me.

Left titty. She is “Thelma”.

Right titty. This one’s “Louise”.

Mmmm… titties. Imagine the possibilities….


How I Take a Shower

Sometimes, we need to spice up our daily routine because routines get tired and boring and meh after a while.

Got a big pane of glass? Press your body up against it, and take a photo. Even if it feels weird; have some fun with it.

Or lick it. Like I am doing above. Pretend you are licking your lover… or yourself, and have yourself a giggle. I promise you that I made myself giggle… and a little wet… and not just from the shower water.

After my shower, sometimes I like to just lie there and… you guessed it… touch myself.

And take photos of myself having my way with… well, me.

Yeah. Lick the glass, grab your own sexiness, take photos and plaster them all over the internet.

That is definitely one way to add some pizzazz to your morning routine. Have a lovely day!


Butt Plugs are a Delight

I never thought I would ever be into butt play. But I was wrong. The butt is an often-untapped (clever pun completely intended) resource of delicious pleasure, and we need to stop being so stuck up (as in a broom stuck way the fuck up there) about playing with our assholes for solely hedonistic purposes.

Bums are not exit-only; if they were, men wouldn’t have prostates, and women wouldn’t get wetter than water when their asses are being played with or fucked. As soon as my ass gets wind (see what I did there… but this was not a sexy pun) of sexy butt time, it starts winking, and then my pussy starts self-juicing. No joke.

Anyway, this is a photo of me enjoying my first butt plug. It is small and has a purple jewel. This one is stainless steel and is quite heavy but that puts a little more pressure on all the right places. I use a silicone-based lube for comfortable insertion and removal, as suggested by the lovely clerk at the sex shop near my home.

Butt plugs are a revelation.


In the Shadows

It is now time to look at what has always been obscured, what has always been blurred, ignored, brushed aside, overlooked, and shamed into oblivion. See what you have been leaving out of the picture.

Don’t just explore the obvious; look beyond to what is not immediately apparent, and in that space, you will find your healing.

❤xoxoxo The Empress xoxoxo❤

The High Priestess

I study the tarot. I have a fair number of decks, but one of my favourites is my Decameron deck which was inspired by an almost-700 year old literary work of the same name by Giovanni Boccaccio.

It is quite dirty. But profound in its wisdom.

I like to sit and shuffle my decks every so often just to say “hello” to them and to explore some of the cards. As I was shuffling yesterday morning, “The High Priestess” presented herself to me twice. I took this double appearance as message from Spirit.

This is an auspicious Major Arcana card urging me to connect with my intuition and to not allow others to influence me in ways that are not true to myself.

She also urges me to face the sides of me that I am terrified of facing, to explore my shadow sides without fear or shame; only I carry the key that will open up and release all of my hidden facets and charms.